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iJob connects employers and employees in a easy & intuitive way addressing some of the biggest challenges prevalent in the job market today.

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Our Features

Job search using Geo location

Easily look out for jobs near your area. iJob shows relevant jobs near your location that you can instantly apply from your phone. You can search for jobs at a different location, just by changing the location parameters on the map. It is that easy.

Ease of Job posting

As an employer you can post vacancies with a few data and get applications immediately without any middlemen support. You can call the applicant directly if the profile matches the job or have the facility to reject the application directly from the convenience of the app.

In-App Verification

Job seekers can apply for verification within the app to get verified and thus extend their job search. Job providers can seek verified profiles when posting a job.

Jobs near you

The map view shows all the jobs available near your location using your Geo co-ordinates. Click on the location point to show the number of vacancies available at that location. Tap on the box again to take you to the details page to proceed applying to the Job.



Update your profile information. Use the in-app verification process to request to verify your profile. Completing the verification process will help you expand job searches and getting a job of your dreams much easier. The icon next to your name will reveal the verification status.


Job cards

Look out for all the jobs displayed as a card layout with the distance from your current location. Candidate can apply for jobs or can add it to their favorite list to be applied at a later point in time. All the applied job and their status will be visible on the Applied tab.

Job Lists

Chase your Dreams

No more worries if you are stuck with the Job that does not justify your skill or your passion. iJob helps you to find the dream job that matches your skillset and passion. Onboard the iJob bandwagon and make a difference in your career.